"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food."

W. C. Fields

3 reasons to wear your wedding dress (again)

Wedding dresses. They come in just about every style, color, and fabric you could imagine. The internet, social media, and Pinterest has made it way too easy these days to kick your feet up with a glass of wine and explore hundreds, if not thousands, of different wedding dress styles from traditional to the very unconventional. Something is bound to catch your eye, and the idea of finding and trying on wedding dresses just became a lot more exciting. When you do say yes to the dress, you deserve to feel its magic more than once! Life is short. Drink the wine while you cook dinner. Buy the shoes. Wear the dress. Sayings like this exist for a reason, because it's true! Life IS short, so we should always make the most of it.

#1: You are this version of yourself exactly once. Time is fleeting. This version of you only happens once, and you will enjoy looking back on photos of "younger you" as you age - and what better way to reminisce than with gorgeous photographs! Wedding days themselves are often jam-packed with a busy schedule, you might only ever have 10 minutes to yourself. It's not fair to then hang up your wedding dress somewhere in a closet and forget it, only pulling it out when you are organizing your closet or moving. I suggest that brides schedule a bridals shoot a month, 6 months, or a year after your wedding as a fun way to wear your dress again and relive the day. You can even have your partner there with you so you can get more portraits together! Consider it a date night and make a thing of it.

#2: An excuse for more photos of yourself. Maybe you didn't love your photographs from your wedding day (I have read horror stories about this on the internet), or maybe you just want a second location or background. Or maybe you loved multiple photographers and choosing just one was difficult, so now you can work with more than one photographer! Orrrrrr maybe you ARE a photographer, and the one always behind the camera. It is such a fun experience to be in front of someone's camera, even if it normally is not your thing. Truly, the best part of a bridals session is that there is no pressure to perform. The atmosphere will be relaxed with no schedule like a full wedding day. Plus, if you are like me, you love a good hair and makeup session and feel like a goddess with makeup on, because normally you are a no-makeup, baggy t-shirt and leggings kind of girl. It is fun to be fancy and glamorous once in a while. Plus, in a bridals session, you and your photographer have total creative freedom and can be more adventurous since getting dirt on the dress is ok now!

#3: The decision you made to purchase this dress over another one deserves it. You probably spent hours searching for dresses, or even created a Pinterest board. You might have even had a favorite designer and so you found a bridal salon that carried your dream gowns. After hours on the internet, and probably hours in a bridal salon, you finally found "the one" and you pictured yourself getting married in it. Why wear such a meaningful dress just once? Not only that, but think about the love, time, and skill that was spent designing and making it. Getting married was and is a big moment in your life and it deserves to be documented in a big way.

Scroll down to see a few favorite's from Alexandria's bridals session at the Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Photographer: @alexmccormick.photo

Bride: @alpal_thefitgal

Dress: @floraandlane

Hair and makeup: @allysbeautybar7