calling all the vintage lovers.

Why vintage?

My ultimate dream is to preserve your moments authentically with minimal editing.

There is something to be said about the nostalgia and story telling that only a film photograph can carry. 

With digital photography and editing software, a hair out of place, an exit sign, or a random person in the background (among many other things) are typically edited out or corrected to make it appear perfect. With my vintage inspired hat on, I leave all of these “imperfections” to preserve the true authenticity of the moment. With this in mind, I treat my camera similar to that of a film camera with only 36 exposures, only clicking the shutter when I feel the moment is at its most beautiful. A similar effect has been done by others by adding panty hose over the lens. I happen to use a different material that make the colors just a little richer, and unique to Alex McCormick Photography.

what sessions are best captured with this vintage style?

All of them. Engagements, elopements, can't go wrong. I'm obsessed with the low-key, easy-going vibes of these vintage shoots. Each shoot is unique and never the same. If you are finding yourself dreaming of having nostalgic photos of you and the ones you love most with that circa 2000s feel, then this is the right style for you.

Featured gallery: Alexandria's bridals in garden of the gods, colorado springs, colorado

Featured gallery: Gracie + nick's couples session in occoquan historic district, virginia

Vintage photography sessions starting at $900. please Inquire for full investment details.