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why invest in professional photography?

Imagine the year is 2072, and you are looking through a photo album of you and your family from 50 years ago. You find yourself thinking how glad you are that you printed a tangible album, because the external hard drive with the digital copies has since become outdated and doesn't work on your computer. And, let's face it, you have no idea where that hard drive is anyway.

Even though 50 years have passed, somehow the images not only captured the way you looked, but how you felt.

The way I see it, photographers are the most important story tellers out there, especially in those moments where you never want to forget how you felt.

My goal is to help you create, share, and preserve your most precious memories.

And as I always say, print your photos, because an actual photograph will outlive any technology being thrown our way (especially when printed on fade-proof, high-quality paper).

Welcome to my blog!